Break The Punishing Procurement Process

Cargo Chief’s C4 aggregates live carrier capacity enabling

3PLs to quickly match freight to the best capacity

Legacy operations processes are inefficient

Finding the right truck, at the right time, still requires a massive search.

Many calls, texts and emails

Researching carrier databases

Reviewing historical lane data

Internet search

Digitally Match Freight

Find the right capacity faster with the perfect integration

The Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) network makes it easy for a 3PL to identify which carrier has the right truck at the right time. You can specify that you want to only work with your existing set of carriers or optionally, you can also consider the thousands of available C4 carriers to expand your network. By creating unique seamless integrations with thousands of carriers, we’ve generated a win-win opportunity to better match live freight and capacity to everyone’s benefit.

With C4 Intermediaries Gain

Increased operations productivity

Enhanced service level

Improved capacity visibility

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