Grow Your Revenue With Projects

With C4’s Projects feature, you can quickly identify which load opportunities to prioritize based on customer characteristics that matter to your business.

Projects help boost your revenue by capturing all customer activity and bid stages to give you visibility on what load opportunities are available.This also allows you to list those opportunities by loads that haven’t been won yet, have already been awarded, or if you’re re-entering a bid cycle on a particular lane.

To get started your account owner or admin can login and setup how you want to prioritize your Projects from the Account Settings menu

1 To get started your account owner or admin can login and setup how you want to prioritize your Projects from the Account Settings menu.

2 Toggle on probability and drag and drop the items listed to customize the project priorities and set your ideal margin to see how your projects perform.

After your settings have been adjusted, C4 will rank your projects by High, Medium, or Low based on what order you selected.

How to use C4’s Projects?

Projects are lanes or loads that only require an origin, destination, and a trailer type. This can be anything from 1 load a week, 40 times a month, or a new bid that you’re working on.

Load opportunities are often seen in 3 ways: load lists, a customer portal, or a load offer from your customer by phone.

C4 allows you to handle all three situations by dividing this into two actions with a CSV upload or building an individual project.


Let’s assume a customer sends you a load list with 5 lanes by email. Ideally you can cover all 5 lanes, but naturally might only win 2 of the 5 lanes offered to you. Likely the other 3 weren’t pursued due to the rate, coverage, or lead time.

C4’s Projects allows you to see those 3 missed opportunities when you upload to sell to interested carriers and win the bid quickly the next time that load offer comes.

To upload:

1. Click the upload templates button on your menu settings and select “Project Upload”, fill in the required fields, and save the template as a CSV.

2. Next, click on the projects tab, select the upload projects button, and follow the steps to upload.

3. Based on your priority settings, you’ll see which of the 5 projects you uploaded yield a higher outcome for your business and have a higher priority to be worked on.

To enter an individual project:

1. Click New Project and fill out the required fields and any information you have to keep your project up to date. You can assign this project to anyone on your account.

How can I see if my margins increased or decreased?

Each project has 6 fields that correlate with each other based on the numbers added:

  1. Target margin is your ideal margin set in your account settings. A typical brokerage will have a 10-15% target margin.
  2. The Max Buy is the highest rate you’re willing to pay a carrier.
  3. The Cust. Rate is the rate to your customer.
  4. The Best Rate will auto populate from the lowest rate entered in the offered rate field on your procured carrier list.
  5. The Last Bid is the last rate you billed or quoted your customer for this lane.
  6. Once your last bid, customer rate, and best rate are filled in, the Projected Margin field will calculate what we expect your margin to be if the lowest rated carrier is run on your next load.

After each field is entered and your projects start to take shape, you can see how your carriers are performing against your margin goals within your business allowing you to offer opportunities to carriers that haven’t made it to your TMS in the past.