Real-time lane pricing

Current rates that update as loads are booked, giving you a competitive edge

  • Rates powered by LaneMaster
  • LaneMaster is a consortium gathering and aggregating booked transaction in real time to eliminate doubt when quoting or buying.
  • Data Privacy – all data provided to LaneMaster is private and anonymized
  • Search rates with a peace of mind, knowing that all data is anonymous, keeping your shippers, carriers, and transactions secure.

Recent transactions

Up to the minute transactions, giving you insight to bid high or low

  • Insight into live transactions as loads are booked
    • See transactions as they come in, giving you a live feed of when a lane was booked.
  • Tighter ranges
    • Make a more informed decision with a pricing range that’s useful.

Prioritized load opportunities

Boost your revenue from new load opportunities by prioritizing which one has the highest outcome

  • More revenue
    • Add your load lists and bids for visibility across your carrier and sales teams on what opportunities are live, awarded, or new.
  • Load priority
    • See the likelihood that a load will be won ranked by characteristics that matter to you.

Capacity matches

C4 recommends your best options by using lane details, haul direction, and frequency

  • The right fit
    • Build your carrier relationships by letting our AI match the best options for your projects based on what carriers want and prefer, giving you the right carrier.
  • Your carrier’s organized
    • See which carriers are in your network, complied, and ready to go without having to dig through your TMS.
  • Carrier profiles
    • Add notes, tasks, and rates to keep all your communication in one place and enhance team visibility.

CRM for carrier management

Quickly turn every call into partnerships by managing both call ins and existing relationships

  • Get rid of the sticky notes
    • Capture your conversations by adding notes and assigning carriers to a project, turning a one-time call into a regular carrier.
  • Keep track of your carrier relationships
    • Diversify your pocket carriers by adding call-ins to your go-to carrier list.

Automated carrier follow up

Eliminate time consuming tasks by automating your follow up

  • Pick up where you left off
    • Let your carriers know what projects you have coming up and see where rates are at this week to stay engaged.
  • Stay ahead of capacity
    • Find out where your carriers are positioned to stay ahead of capacity.

C4 digitally matched freight

Shows you which of your and other carriers are available for your next load

The Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) network makes it easy for a 3PL to identify which carrier has the right truck at the right time. An industry-leading array of integration technologies enable any sized carrier to seamlessly share their capacity with C4 so you know instantly which of your existing carriers to book.

  • Over a dozen ways a carrier can share capacity
  • Free for carriers to share their capacity
  • Select to only see your existing carriers
  • Or also consider 100,000s of trucks from public C4 carriers
  • Access the C4 app or integrate to your TMS
  • Advanced matching algorithm saves carrier reps hours/day

C4 empowers carrier development that improves your margins