Better Loads. Less Searching.

Cargo Chief’s array of practical integrations effortlessly enable all carriers to expose available trucks to match capacity to loads in the right lane at the right time with the right buyer

Even today, most carriers struggle to optimize their fleet

Matching the right load to a truck is still a big hassle

Many calls, texts and emails

Industry and internal databases

Risky Public posting

Internet search

Get Better Freight and Improve Your Margins for Free

Find better loads fast without changing your operations

It is surprisingly easy for any carrier to share available capacity via Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) platform to all the individual buyers at your customers, and optionally even new customers.

  • Capacity emails, hundreds of formats learned
  • Conveying current favorite lanes, Opt-in to share ELD info
  • AscendTMS, the most popular TMS for carriers, integration
  • Mobile App, scrapping Google sheets and Chat bot
  • Integration via EDI, API, FTP or directly into your TMS

Carrier Benefits with C4

Free Fleet Optimization

Better loads in preferred lanes

No changes in your operations

“C4 has saved us a ton of time from viewing a load to signing a rate con. C4 instantly brought us quality

load matches for our regular and same day trucks.” — Bobby Singh, Director of Operations, Apple Transport Inc.

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Thoughtfully manage your trucks with, the free TMS that actually brings in more and better loads

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sign up as a Carrier?

For most carriers, just seconds. Either just add to your capacity email BCC list once, or sign up for the free cloud based transportation management system. Large carriers may prefer an integration via API, EDI, FTP or via a TMS vendor or other partner.

How are carriers notified of new opportunities to haul freight?

Carriers are notified via email with the load details for a potential load. Carriers simply enter their price to move the load and, if that price works, we arrange of the paperwork between the 3PL and the carrier saving both time and hassle.

Does it cost anything to use Cargo Chief's services?

No. Cargo Chief does not charge the Carrier for use of its technology.

What is Cargo Locate?

Cargo Locate is our tracking system that reduces time consuming status phone calls for everyone. Drivers simply “Opt In” on any mobile phone and we can track the load only from pickup to delivery.

Do you have to be a large carrier to work with Cargo Chief?

No. We work with all carriers from the largest companies to Owner/Operators.