Cargo Chief announced the release of version 3.0 of its C4 carrier management platform aimed at helping brokers find “backhaul full truckload carriers in the over-the-road industry.”

“In addition to the location of the carrier, often the most important consideration in finding a truck, C4 now sorts through backhaul and headhaul options to find the most immediate capacity,” Cargo Chief CEO Russell Jones said in a release.

“C4 intuitively ranks available carriers by location, capacity and haul direction to provide C4 brokers an inherent advantage when searching for the right carrier.”

C4 leverages carrier lane preferences by giving brokerages actionable results to see where, when and how often a carrier runs a given lane. C4 also aggregates a broker’s existing carriers and out-of-network carriers to provide a complete view of available capacity for its next load, according to the Millbrae, Calif.-based company. — Transport Topics