Cargo Chief’s seamless carrier integrations and technology empower 3PLs to see their carriers’ real-time capacity and efficiently source hidden capacity


“Cargo Chief’s C4 was quick and easy to get setup and use. We found a new carrier from the first search we made. The map and rate graph are very useful tools as well.”

D.J. Williams, President

“The C4 platform with ‘Best Truck’ algorithm has already saved our associates hours of phone calls to find carrier options.” Nic Novich”

Vice President, Operations

“C4 has saved us a ton of time from viewing a load to signing a rate con.”

Bobby Singh, VP Operations, Apple Transport

Unmatched Connecting Logistics

Imagine a robust capacity network built with millions of dollars of integration technologies to connect loads to the right capacity. Book loads faster, carriers optimize fleet production, create better relationships and outpace your competition.


Easily connect your loads to live in-your-network available capacity and propel operations forward with:

  • Greatly increased productivity
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Vetting at booking & before pick-up
  • Reduced transaction cost


Leverage any of the free C4 technologies to effortlessly share your available capacity and gain access to freight that fits your trucks better.

  • Better loads in preferred lanes
  • Save time optimizing your fleet
  • No changes in operations

Data Driven

Cargo Chief taps into several data sources for the most up-to-date snapshot of market coniditions

= Favorable Supply to Demand = Neutral Supply to Demand = Poor Supply to Demand