Your load opportunities reorganized

Manage projects and bids

Sell more by having a complete view of your load funnel.

Track lane performance

Drive growth leveraging your and C4’s network coverage; change & adapt to markets quickly.

Prioritize load probability

Customize your load characteristics to strategize what you should spend time on.

What our users are saying

Jake Barreras

"C4 allows me to develop new carrier relationships faster than the market and other brokers, providing new opportunities for my clients."

Jake Barreras , President

Philip Canale

“Within the first week C4 helped us build 2 new carrier relationships almost immediately. Their fantastic platform gives us and other 3PL’s a unique way to source carriers in an ever-changing industry.”

Philip Canale , VP

D.J. Williams

“Cargo Chief’s C4 was quick and easy to get setup and use. We found a new carrier from the first search we made. The map and rate graph are very useful tools as well.”

D.J. Williams , President

Kim Courtney

“C4 & Booking Assistant saves me time, money & effort, leaving me able to work on getting more loads & continue growing my business.”

Kim Courtney , Owner

Nic Novich

“The C4 platform with ‘Best Truck’ algorithm has already saved our associates hours of phone calls to find carrier options.”

Nic Novich , VP Operations

Summary Video, (47 seconds)

Digitally Match Freight from Unparalleled Integrations,C4

C4 shows you which of your and other carriers are available for your next load

The Cargo Chief Carrier Capacity (C4) network makes it easy for a 3PL to identify which carrier has the right truck at the right time. An industry-leading array of integration technologies enable any sized carrier to seamlessly share their capacity with C4 so you know instantly which of your existing carriers to book.

  • Over a dozen ways a carrier can share capacity
  • Free for carriers to share their capacity
  • Select to only see your existing carriers
  • Or also consider 100,000s of trucks from public C4 carriers
  • Access the C4 app or integrate to your TMS
  • Advanced matching algorithm saves carrier reps hours/day

C4 Empowers Carrier Development That Improves Your Margins

Automated Relationship Carrier Outreach

Booking bot gets carrier offers, counter-bids from your network carriers to save you time


1. Just enter high level load info (O/D, weight, what, value & offer)

2. Booking Assistant offers your load to carriers wave after wave

3. Carriers can Accept the offered load, Counter-bid or Decline

4. 3PLs can easily counter back to the carrier or one-click to lock in the best carrier option


* Booking Assistant is 24/7 and doesn’t request a raise or accept beer bribes

Client ROI Calculator[Click Here]

Total Full Truckloads a Month

Number of Representatives Booking Freight

Average Sales Price of a Full Truckload

Average Gross Margin of a Full Truckload

Increase in the Number of Loads Booked Due C4/Booking Assistant

Increase in Gross Margin from C4/Booking Assistant

Loads Booked / Representative / Year:

Truckloads a month * 12 months / #Reps =  * 12 /   = 

Loads Booked / Representative / Day:

Truckloads a month / 20 work days / #Reps =  / 20 /  =

Current Gross Margin Booked / Representative / Year:

Truckloads a month * 12 months * Price * Margin / #Reps
=  * 12 *  *  /  =

Additional Gross Margin from C4 Based Additional Loads Booked/Rep/Year:

Loads Booked / Rep / Year * Price * Margin * C4 Load Increase
= * * * =

Additional Gross Margin from C4 Based Margin Improvement/Rep/Year:

Loads Booked / Rep / Year * (1+C4 Load Increase) * Price * C4 Margin Increase = * (1+) * * =

Total C4 Benefit / Representative / Year:

Add’l Margin C4 based loads + Add’l Margin C4 based margin increase
= + =

Total C4 Costs / Representative / Year: $2,400

$200/Month/Rep * 12 Months = $2,400


Benefit / Costs = $2,400 =

Data Driven

Cargo Chief taps into several data sources for the most up-to-date snapshot of market coniditions

= Favorable Supply to Demand = Neutral Supply to Demand = Poor Supply to Demand


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