Freight Shipping Transformed

Cargo Chief uses patented technology to connect shippers with
our giant carrier network and deliver excellent logistics services.

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Save Time. Worry Less.

Extensive Carrier Network

Get unmatched access to over 500,000 trucks. We always have available capacity for your shipment.

Realtime Shipment Tracking

Instantly locate your shipment on our interactive map 24/7.

Preload Carrier Verification

We manually verify carriers' authority, safety and insurance before each shipment.

Dedicated Customer Care

Get dedicated, multi-lingual support at any point during the shipping process.

Shipment Status
at a Glance

  • Tracking is enabled for every shipment
  • Interactive map view lets you track in realtime
  • Get updates 24 hours a day 7 days per week

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Customer Testimonials

The rates I receive are untouchable.
Tim Burke
Not only saving on shipments... but also saving substantially on time.
Ron Aparicio
Cargo Chief is great to work with. I have strongly recommended my contacts to also use Cargo Chief.Jason Bermudez

How Cargo Chief Works

1. Provide a few shipment details via our website, email or phone.

2. Cargo Chief searches our giant network to find you the best capacity for your shipment.

3. Select your Cargo Chief offer. We immediately book the load with the carrier and generate the paperwork for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping is complicated. With nearly 700,000 service providers, multiple modes, and unpredictable market conditions and dynamic pricing, selecting the right carrier can make a big difference to the success of your business.

3PL’s and freight brokers can help ease the pain by connecting shippers with the right carriers. Brokers have access to tools and resources that can help identify the best carrier for a specific load. They also have trained experts who can negotiate better rates and oversee the transaction from pick up to delivery. All of this valuable activity saves shippers time and money.

Cargo Chief transforms transportation and takes the experience to a new level by leveraging our powerful Tomahawk TMS™ platform. This technology enables access to the largest carrier network, comprehensive preload carrier verifications, and real-time track and trace (Cargo Locate ©). More importantly, by leveraging our buying power and systems, Cargo Chief ensures that you have access to the best capacity and rates.

Although we are known for our Full Truck Load capacity, we also offer deep discounts with regional and national LTL carriers, intermodal carriers, and soon international freight.

Cargo Chief’s TMS utilizes advanced integrations with several resources that instantly verifies the carrier just before booking and then again two hours before pickup; Cargo Chief verifies auto insurance, cargo insurance, safety rating and performance to assure the smoothest possible transaction.

LTL quotes are provided instantly online. Truckload quotes can often be provided instantly, but occasionally take up to 30 minutes based on market conditions.

Yes. Cargo Locate uses advanced triangulation technology to track the driver’s cell phone. As long as there is cellular service, we know where the truck is. Over 85% of our loads are tracked using Cargo Locate.

Yes. Cargo Chief does not charge the shipper for use of its technology. Naturally, if we provide freight services, we will invoice our clients.